Safe and efficient disposal of unwanted materials.

All loads must be covered when transporting waste to prevent littering and to ensure a clean and healthy environment. Visitors to the Regional Landfill are required to separate and recycle all suitable products and to ensure loads are prevented from being mixed in normal refuse and disposed of improperly.

It's important that you let the scale attendant know everything that’s in your load. This helps ensure the safety of our staff as well as the safety of the environment. In order to maintain low fees and low operational costs, materials must be sorted into designated areas so they can be diverted from the Class II Landfill.

  • All loads must be covered or otherwise secured
  • Operators reserve the right to refuse any load
Disposal Rates — Residential Partners
For residential partners, first 500 kg of waste is covered by the Town of Slave Lake and the MD of Lesser Slave River. For any residential waste over 500 kg, the following commission disposal rates apply (effective January 1, 2022). Click Here to view the Waste Management Bylaw and list of disposal fees.
Domestic Waste: $80/tonne

Domestic waste items includes:

  • Household garbage

  • Freezer/fridge waste

  • Hunting and fishing remains

  • Soiled paper and cardboard materials

  • Glass containers

  • Light bulbs (not including fluorescent)

  • Compost materials, i.e.: yard and garden waste

  • Plastic film

  • Styrofoam


Recycle Your E-Waste

The Regional Landfill and supporting facilities are set up to accept old TVs, radios, phones, computers and practically any other dead electronics. Recycle these e-waste items and save on disposal fees — while saving the planet in the process!
How can we help?
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Disposal Rates — Commercial and Non-Facility Partners
Please see below for commercial and non-partner commission disposal rates (effective January 1, 2022). Click Here to view the Waste Management Bylaw and list of disposal fees.
Type of Waste
Tippage Fee
Industrial, commercial, institutional (ICI)
Construction & demolition (C&D)
Clean concrete - no protruding metal
Clean Wood for chipping material (no nails)
Asphalt shingles
Commercial refrigeration units
Refrigerant gases must be removed.
Clean fill used for site reclamation
A volume reduction of clean fill for site reclamation over 10,000 tonne per individual haul contract and signed by the Commission Manager is $15/tonne.
Alternate daily cover — biosolids
Alternate daily cover — mixed soil materials
May include wood chips, gravel or crushed concrete used for daily cover.
Asbestos — commercial/residential (48-hour notice required)
Facility Partners Only. Permits and Analysis required, plus a handling surcharge fee of $250.00/load.
Mobile trailers/buildings
Must be demolished and sorted of all recyclable materials containing no asbestos (analysis may be required).

Surcharges and Fines

  • Asbestos materials
  • Refined hydrocarbon contaminated soils

Certain items are only acceptable at the Regional Landfill.

48 hours' notice must be given and special charges will apply. For more information on materials not accepted, or not listed here, visit the Special & Prohibited Items page or call 780-369-2590.

Find your way around the Regional Landfill with this handy site map.

The Slave Lake Landfill has designated zones to accommodate sorting, preparation, diversion and disposal of waste items. Click the pins in the map below to find your way around, or Click Here to download a site map in PDF format.

A cleaner environment for a better tomorrow.

Learn about our progressive recycling strategies

Click Here to explore some of the resourceful ways we divert waste materials from the landfill, and often convert them into usable products in the process.

Payment Options

Payment Methods

Disposal fees may be paid at the Regional Landfill by cheque, Interac, Visa or MasterCard. Properly-sorted recyclables are accepted free of charge at the Regional Landfill. The first 500 kilograms of domestic waste is free for residents of the Town of Slave Lake and the Municipal District of Lesser Slave River. 

Cash is neither accepted nor kept on hand at the Regional Landfill.