Disposal Fee Increase

The Lesser Slave Lake Regional Waste Management Services Commission has passed a motion to increase disposal rates effective january 1, 2022. This new pricing will be reflected in the bill received by landfill customers in early February.

It should be recognized that this is the first disposal rate increase since 2016. The Commission is trying to minimize the effect on customers as much as possible.

This increase is necessary to help the landfill become more self-supporting both now and into the future. The rate increase will assist in meeting the requirements of a sustainable 10-year capital plan and help offset the costs of future cell development. With the more stringent environmental reporting and increasing capital costs, the Commission could not delay the rate of adjustments any further.

Landfill customers are thanked for their continued support of the Commission's waste management and enhanced recycling initiatives. For questions questions related to the 2022 rate increase, please contact Commission Manager Barry Kolenosky at 780.849.4888 ext. 212 during business hours.


Tanks...for Recycling

Propane tanks cannot be disposed of in the landfill; however, we do accept all propane tanks (including 1lbs and helium tanks) as recyclable items and store them separately.

There's a special part of the Regional Landfill and transfer sites dedicated to white metals; bikes; BBQs; tires; and propane tanks.

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Payment Options

Payment Methods

Disposal fees may be paid at the Regional Landfill by cheque, Interac, Visa or MasterCard. Properly-sorted recyclables are accepted free of charge at the Regional Landfill. The first 500 kilograms of domestic waste is free for residents of the Town of Slave Lake and the Municipal District of Lesser Slave River. 

Cash is neither accepted nor kept on hand at the Regional Landfill.